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Asymmetries and Bike Performance

“…adapting your asymmetrical body to a symmetrical bike for hours on end causes unforgiving misalignment that can only be remedied off the bike.” Taylor Phinney

Why is our body asymmetrical? At the most basic level it comes down to anatomy.  The human body is not the same left to right. Most of us have one foot slightly larger than the other, but even more noticeable difference emerge when we look at the internal organs.

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Strength & Mobility for Happy Riding by Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy

So You’re A Cyclist…..

What does this mean? To a physical therapist it means many things.  The relatively static position of the bike with a fixed repetitive movement for hours has many impacts.  The position leads us to think about what muscles are doing the majority of the work and what muscles will need attention due to prolonged time in a shortened position.  

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