Why I gravel.

Have you ever done the same road ride 100 times?

On the 50th time you see a dirt road off to the side and you ask, where does it go?

On the 100th time you do that road ride you decide you have to answer, where does it go? 

That’s the start of why I gravel. That dirt road and the exploration of what’s down it.

Once you break that dirt barrier the possibilities are endless. Similar to cycling in general, you can do 100 miles, 200 miles, you can find a place to camp, find somewhere where no one has ridden, some new route that has never been completed. The joy of finding new routes and new places on a self propelled vessel a unique experience and it can happen regularly on a gravel bike whether you’re 10 miles from home or 100. That exploratory feeling really drives my rides.

Sometimes I’ll find just a 5 mile section of trail or dirt that I haven’t ridden and it will take me 2 hours to ride there and 2 to ride back but that time fly’s by just thinking about what lies ahead in the unknown. Oftentimes, it’s also car-free. On these rides you’re independent and self sustaining. Besides the life responsibilities you’re trying not to think about, you and your gravel bike could just keep riding for however long you want to.

Zack Allison, FoCo Fondo promoter, Coach and Owner Source Endurance Training Center of the RockiesTeam Clif Bar Athlete